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In the following you can download all documents needed for art rental (in either PDF or MS Word format) as well as a calculator for individual art rental fees.

Further annotations to the contracts, which follow the guidelines of the Honorar- und Tarifkommission Bildende Kunst der Ver.di, Germany, can be found here. Please note the Terms of Use. Contact data of the Fachgruppe Kunst bei Ver.di, Germany can be found in the Contact section of this site.


General Terms and Conditions (PDF) (Word)
Contract for the Rental of Art Work (PDF) (Word)


Receipt for Art Work (PDF) (Word)
List of Art Work (PDF) (Word)

Calculator for Individual Rental Fees

Excel sheet with formulas to calculate individual rental fees for art works. (PDF) (Excel – for download please click the link with right button and choose the option "Save as")

More Contracts

As of September 2005 all contracts developed by the Honorar- und Tarifkommission von Verdi are available. More information:

Annotations regarding the Contract for the Rental of Art Work
Definition: The rental of art work is not an exhibition or ceding the right of exhibition; it also does neither granting uses as defined in the copy right act (right of ownership of intellectual property). Usually the rental of art is timely limited. Document head: Contract partner/Pseudoym: to avoid problems in disputes, please avoid artistic names that are not mentioned in your personal (governmental) documents.
Tax ID number/tax authority: as of January 1st, 2004 in Germany tax id number must be stated.
Organizer: In case the organizer is a legal person, please indicate the name of the proxy (who usually also will sign the contract).
Annotations regarding List of Art Work
Title or description of art work should be indicated to simplify identification; this title should also be marked on art work; it is imperative to indicate number of art works; condition of art work must be indicated; sales price equals insured value; please note if sales price includes/excludes value added tax.
Important: List of Art Work must be signed, if used as a receipt; use a separate receipt if a third party (such as a shipping agency or a friend) delivers art work; at pick up check condition and completeness.

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