Corporate Information

Works of art are a mirror of your entrepreneurial philosophy, real artworks on a company's premises demonstrate strength, solidity and worthiness. Often its is large scale originals in foyers, representational rooms and office floors etc. that give the right atmosphere and positively strengthen corporate identity and corporate image. And: who demonstrates openness to art will be perceived as modern and flexible by business partners and efficiently differentiates from competitors.

Besides the above there is yet another "internal" effect for a company that invites artwork: staff that is allowed to give a voice when choosing artwork that will be displayed in their immediate working environment will be more motivated and the overall social atmosphere will be improved: factors that definitely will give a positive impulse to a company's success.

While the cost of buying art work is sometimes hard to define as a business expense tax wise, the expenses for the rental or leasing of contemporary art has the advantage to be fully tax deductible without binding a company's liquidity unnecessarily.
Maybe you already have been considering the rental of art work. In order to give you the best support possible on our "Questions and Answers" section you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions such as…

May your endeavour with art be successful!