About bilderpool.org

What would life be like without art – or, better said:
what kind of a life is that without art?
Art is around us, and artists are amongst us...

bilderpool.org is a platform that informs about the rental contemporary art and helps contacting artists that rent their work: to companies, to individuals, to… you! Because contemporary art is being made by, but above all: for people.

The idea behind bilderpool.org is to provide all parties (artists, art lovers) with the information and documents that are needed for renting art: contracts, forms, a pricing model and answers to frequently asked questions. If an artist and an art lover can clarify all these issues directly with one another, art rental is possible at a very reasonable cost.

In some cases however it will make sense to request the services of a competent consultant (curator, art consultant), specially if the project is very demanding or complex..